College radio trinkets. Photo: J. Waits

College radio trinkets. Photo: J. Waits

who am I?

I'm a writer and content strategist who wears many hats. After starting my career in advertising in the research & planning department of a major ad agency in San Francisco, I left to pursue an advanced degree. Now armed with a Master's in Popular Culture Studies, I spend my time traversing between the worlds of content creation and academia.

I'm one of the co-founders of, where I write about and talk about the culture of radio on both our website and on our weekly podcast. As co-chair of the College/Community/Educational Radio Caucus for the Library of Congress' Radio Preservation Task Force, I'm also devoted to the preservation of student media.

I also run Waits-Mast Family Cellars with my husband. It's a small operation, so we both manage marketing, promotions, sales, and winemaking tasks.

The rest of my time is spent on freelance projects, including providing local content for parents on the Mommy Nearest website/app, writing articles for Radio World, and doing guest lectures about college radio.